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Time-Saving Tips for the Working Mom

No matter if you have one child or five, you know that there’s never enough time in the day to take care of everything you have to do. If you’re a working mom, it’s even harder. Managing to hold down (and be successful) at that career while also managing the household, meeting the children’s needs, and everything else you have to do…even if you have the most caring, supportive partner in the world who does their equal share, it’s still hard to get it all done!

That’s why we jump at the chance to utilize any tools or resources to help us save time. Even shaving off just a few minutes in the morning or on our lunch break can help us save our sanity and take a few extra minutes for us. That’s so important – even the busiest working mom needs a little downtime just for her. Self-care is important, too. 

So what can you do to save time while also ensuring that your household is running smoothly, family is happy and job going well? We’ve outlined a few ideas below; some are tried and true, some are outside the box. All of them will help you be the best working mom you can be. 

Virtual P.O. Box

Don’t have time to drive to the P.O. box, or find it difficult to walk to the mailbox every day? Why not try a virtual post office box? It works exactly as it sounds – check your mail online via email or an app, reading your mail as you go. You can even reply, check international mail and more. With affordable monthly plans, no start-up costs and a whole bunch of other perks, services like Physical Address are a really helpful way to make checking the mail a thing of the past.

Apps and Games for Chores

Those daily chores can be so daunting, and once they start piling up, they begin to seem like a life-force of their own that you’ll never vanquish. 

Several websites, books and apps are seeking to change the way we think about chores, offering apps and games that help you delegate your tasks, schedule when certain chores need doing, and helping you manage your time more effectively. Sites like Labour of Love and UFYH are helpful tools that are funny, engaging and designed to accommodate the working mom. Try one of these apps or games and see if it helps you get your chores done easier!


More and more working moms (and Dads!) are finding that a “pay it forward” or “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” approach to the whole “it takes a village” attitude actually works. It might seem like a thing from the antiquated 60s, but treating your household management and child caring as a group activity is actually a really helpful technique. Whether you just utilize this with your partner and/or family, or invite a few trusted friends into your circle, there’s nothing better than helping a loved one conquer some tasks that have gotten too big, only for them to do the same for you later down the road. This works for everything from household chores such as laundry or repairs, to child care and babysitting, and even house sitting or rides to the airport/doctor. Try bartering and trading your time; it really works. 


If you implement a few of these time-saving tips, you’ll be on top of your household responsibilities in no time, leaving more time for yourself and your family. 


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