Use one word to describe yourself

It’s hard isnt it?

One word that sums you up.

I had to think about it when Tara, who runs The Gallery linky,  asked me a few months ago.   Tara was putting together a group of 25 bloggers and asking them to describe themselves.   The results are here:  Describe yourself in one word.

And to be honest it took me days to come up with a reply.  And then I kept changing my mind

“Social” said Mr B.

Hmm, that made me think that maybe people would think that I was a lady of the night

I thought about “multi tasking”.   Or maybe even “hopeful” as hope is my favourite word.    But then at the end of a really busy day where I was juggling a hundred different things, as usual, I just thought that if I didn’t come up with my word there and then I would never come up with one.


That’s the word I picked.  It pretty much summed up how I felt right then.   How I feel a lot of the time in fact.   Just weary.   Not necessarily tired, if I went to bed I don’t think I would sleep so it is not tired as such.   But weary.

But then the next day when things have calmed down a bit and I feel I have achieved lots I could be feeling EPIC.    Though by lunchtime it could well be back to SHATTERED.

On Saturday when I am going to my first ever Mumsnet conference AND talking I will be NERVOUS.   Beyond nervous in fact and probably into the realms of TERRIFIED.    But at 7pm on Saturday night when I head home I expect I shall be SAD.

It’s hard to sum ourselves up in one word that could be used to describe us for longer than a couple of hours, isn’t it?  If you had to do it, which word would you choose?

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