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This year I am all about the staying in.  My new phrase is “Staying In is the New Going Out” and later this week I will share my ideas on food and gift ideas, but for now, let’s focus on the booze.

First up you have to have fizz, right?  It’s sort of the law on days like Valentine’s Day.  And Christmas.  And Birthdays.  And New Years.  And “today has been amazing” days.   And on “today was a whole load of rubbish and I need cheering up” days.   And on “I made it to Friday” days.   And even on “woop it’s Wednesday” days.   And there is only one fizz that fits all these occasions, Moet and Chandon Champagne.  And yes you do have to pronounce it Mow Et.  With the T.   Cos that is how it is pronounced.   And if there is one thing we like at Mummy Barrow HQ it’s getting thing’s right.

I need to pause here and let my English teacher stop spinning in her grave from all those sentences beginning with and in that paragraph.

Right.  Let’s continue.

It’s crisp, it’s light, and it’s a bit more special as it’s a rose, the perfect aperitif, accompaniment to the main course, or to weep into as Match of the Day continues to bore you to tears.

If you are looking for a white to go with your starter then might I suggest Marques de Casa Concha Chardonnay 2012  which is just £12 in Tesco and is rather gorgeous.   I was never really a fan of Chardonnay as they often felt they were trying a bit too hard to be something they aren’t but this is lovely.

This smoky white opens up with dense pineapple, Pink Lady apple and zesty citrus notes that are tightly wound on a bright, medium-bodied frame

My red suggestion for Valentine’s dinner was going to be the Ned Pinot Noir 2013 but somebody drank it when I was in Kenya:  Keys to the Wine Store  so I can’t review it for you, but I am told it was rather fabulous.

 Now my final suggestion to accompany dinner is one that many of us wouldn’t normally think about having at home.  We might have a glass of dessert wine if out for dinner, or maybe push the boat out and buy one to go with Christmas dinner but that’s a real shame as it means we miss out on little beauties like this one.

It’s a Show Liqueur Muscat and retails around £14 for a 50cl bottle.   It’s Australian and oak aged for 8 years and is actually like liquid Christmas pudding.  It’s stunning.

This unique dessert wine is the product of late-harvested grapes, which have achieved maximum sweetness on the vine. They are pressed, partially fermented, then fortified with spirit while still on the skins, before transferring the wine to barrels for maturation. A dark nut-brown colour, with heady aromas of dried dates, raisins, pudding spices and hints of roasted hazelnuts. Intense flavours of treacle and cinder toffee linger on the rich, unctuous palate

So I hope there is something there to whet your appetite or tickle your taste buds.

Whatever you are doing for Valentine’s Day, Cheers

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  • Oh my goodness – I had NO idea you pronounced the T! Thanks for the heads up so I can sound like a knowledgeable wine buff! 🙂 I only have a glass at weekends now so this is perfectly timed x