Valentine’s Gift Guide 2021

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I recently wrote about my ideas for things to do for a lockdown Valentine’s Day so thought I would do a separate gift guide with a few ideas of things you can buy online and have delivered. Valentine’s Day this year is going to be very different and where many of us in long term relationships might ignore Valentine’s Day I think this year its a good excuse to have something to look forward to so I am going all out.

Mermaid Pink Gin

I have been a huge fan of Mermaid Gin’s pink gin. It is made with Isle of Wight Strawberries and drinking it right now reminds me that summer is within sniffing distance. It tastes of summer, of the idea you can hear tennis balls at Wimbledon in the distance, that you can smell grass being cut, feel sunshine on the back of your neck. The strawberries are steeped for four days so there is a really subtle pink hue to the gin, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting. Available to purchase for £40 from John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Masters of Malt.

Four Roses Bourbon

The background to this drink makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day as it’s very roots are based on a love story. The brand’s founder, Paul Jones Jr was smitten by a Southern belle and so he sent a proposal to her. She replied that if her answer was “yes” she would wear a corsage of four roses on her gown at an upcoming ball. You can probably guess that she duly did.

Today roses feature heavily in the branding, there are roses depicted in the table and if you turn this small batch bottle upside down the bottle resembles a closed rose bud.

It’s a fabulous Bourbon and gorgeous sipped on the rocks, or with a splash of ginger ale. You can buy it from The Whiskey Exchange for £31.95

Plant subscription

Research shows that being around nature does wonders for our mental health. Just having houseplants around can really boost our mood, contribute to cleaning the air we breathe, and make us smile. I was given a gift subscription from Beard and Daisies by my BFF for Christmas and not only was it a wonderful surprise the day it arrived, but it has been on the subsequent days they have arrived over the past couple of months as it was a three month subscription. I think this would make a fabulous Valentine’s gift and be a constant reminder of your love. Single gifts start from £24 and gift subscriptions from £25 a month (which includes the pot too).


It’s a cliche, I know, but no Valentine’s gift guide can be complete without chocolates. There are some wonderful chocolatey gift ideas around, including a box showing the number of days you have been in love, a set of two date night chocolate tubs or even a hamper of sweet treats. I am sure any one of those would be well received!

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  • Great tips for making your darling stay happy and calm with you. I’m fond of chocolate and so happy when my husband can make such a surprise for me. But in the case I need to make up something for him I will keep in mind your ideas for a present. Thank you!