[AD] 8 Easter Activities to do at home this year

I thought it would be fun to list 10 easy Easter Activities to do this year because Easter typically is a time to start venturing out to local attractions, but this year they will all still be closed. With lockdown restrictions not being lifted for many of us until the middle of April it means Easter this year will still probably still be mostly spent at home. So here are 10 easy activities to do, that won’t break the bank, but will hopefully keep your little ones entertained for a while.

At home sports day

If the weather is decent, how about having a sports day at home? You could have an egg and spoon race, play catch with balloons filled with water (if one bursts you are out. And get wet!), bowling water bottles and eggs, how far can you throw a bunched up pair of socks? You could even have small prizes, or one overall prize for who wins the most, gets the wettest etc.

Make an Easter egg tree

Easter egg trees are super simple to make. You can make them from a single branch of a blossom tree, put into a vase, and then using ribbon carefully tying ribbons to the branch, with decorations on the end. Maybe with some small eggs, or drawn decorations.

Make Easter cards for relatives

Who doesnt love getting post that isn’t a bill? I have done a lot of letter posting this year, and sending random small gifts to friends and family to let them know I am thinking of them. Making Easter cards this year couldn’t be easier. By using the free font collection from Font Bundles you could design cards and have them printed really quickly and easily on your printer at home. Personalised with people’s names (who doesn’t love a personalised card?) and little messages printed inside, they would make the perfect “I am sorry we can’t all be together but I am thinking of you” card.

Plant some bulbs or seeds

April is the perfect time to plant some bulbs in the garden, and if you choose something like daffodils they will come up year after year without you having to do much to them at all. Most supermarkets sell bags of bulbs for just a few Pounds.

I remember being absolutely amazed when we planted seeds when I was little. I couldn’t quite believe that the seed would miraculously turn into to something else! You can plant seeds into soil on a window sill, maybe growing herbs for a pizza, or even sprinkle some cress seeds onto moist kitchen paper. If you have a bit more space you could plant plug plants out in pots on a balcony or patio. There is something hugely satisfying about picking something to eat for tea, isnt there?

Paint eggs

There are lots of ways to paint eggs, or to dip dye them, maybe even with block colours to make them multi coloured. Or dye them all yellow and draw on them and stick on googly eyes!

Make a Chickers Board

Think chess or draughts board, and make one of those from the back of an old cereal box or discarded delivery box, colouring in alternative squares so you end up with black and white squares. Then you have two sides, one of miniature chicks, and one of bunnies, which you can buy cheaply on line. You can then play Chickers using the same rule as chequers!

Have a day of eating Easter inspired food

Maybe you could make some invitations to a day of Easter inspired eating, and lay the table complete with name cards (using Font Bundles for the wording) and then serve up some Easter inspired food all day. Maybe some bunny shaped crumpets for breakfast, fried bread with a bunny shape cut out of the middle and an egg fried in the gap for lunch. Or egg sandwiches and carrot dippers for tea?

Bake some Easter cookies or chocolate nest cakes

Easter isnt complete without chocolate, is it? So how about an afternoon of baking biscuits with mini eggs in them, or making some Easter Rice Krispie nests topped with Mini Eggs?

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