When KT Tunstall came for breakfast

I read the sad news that KT Tunstall’s four year marriage had ended this week.  Sad, but nothing remarkable in that or really worth me blogging about you might think.  I found myself singing her “Suddenly I see” track in Specsaver’s this morning after I put on my new glasses this morning.

We are fans of hers.   We have seen her before, a couple of times in fact and she is great, live.   Union Chapel was one venue and our lounge was another.

Woah woah woah I hear you say.   “Your lounge?”   Yes, our lounge.

We won a competition with Absolute Radio and whilst I blogged about this ( here ) when I first started blogging recent readers might not have seen it.    Part of the prize was a gig by KT in our lounge.

She turned up at 7.30am, used our spare bedroom as her dressing room and all she asked for was a cup of tea.   She couldn’t have been more down to earth or more lovely.   She was happy to sign anything we put under her nose, posed for pics and belted out three tracks, live in our lounge.

Leaving us thinking, did that really happen?  Yes it did.  Here is the proof:

Oh and if you want a giggle. Yes this really happened:


And then by 11am it was all over and everybody had gone.  Surreal wasn’t the word for it!

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