When lockdown is over…

Have you thought about it yet? That when lockdown is over we might be able to do things again? I have been really fed up lately, bored of weekends that revolve around the crossword, sport on the TV and thinking about all the things I would like to be doing. News this week though that all over 50s (yes I am in that bracket) should have had their vaccinations by May has cheered me up no end though. Thoughts are creeping into my head around what we might be able to do this summer.

Last year we had three trips cancelled (I know, first world problems, I am not complaining as I know we were lucky to have been able to book them in the first place) and we are not tentatively thinking about rebooking them. My birthday trip to Morocco is high on our rescheduling list and we are really hoping that might be able to go ahead in the autumn.

Before then though we are really hoping we can have some family pub lunches on a Sunday or sneak up to London for some evening dining out on the river. Gosh I miss doing that. We have been asking our friends in different towns for some restaurant recommendations and have now started a list of places we want to try. We feel we are out of the loop with places to eat out and with those that have may have sadly closed. We have watched, heartbroken, as so many old friends on the high street have gone and this article in London Eatery with a running total of restaurants in the capital that have closed makes for depressing reading.

We now have lists of places to go for a boozy Sunday lunch, places closer to home with our granddaughter for a midweek lunch, and places for a Friday night treat.

I have really missed hanging out with my family, with my two daughters not living at home we havent been able to all meet up for over a year and that makes me so sad. The pandemic was the first time I hadn’t seen them on their birthdays in their over 20 years of being on earth and it made me so desperately sad. We really want to make up for that this year, if we can.

It’s funny isn’t it that something as huge as Covid-19 has made so many of us reassess things and think about what really makes us happy and what we want to do, and what we have missed. And what we have taken for granted!! Getting in the car on a Saturday morning and driving to the beach to take photographs of the sea and to eat chips is something that I would never have mentioned if you had asked what we did at the weekend. I had marked it as just being lunch but now I would give my eye teeth to be able to do that now!

And to stand in a bookshop looking at the top ten. Or to go to the cinema. But mostly I am looking forward to eating out, and not just so I don’t have to do the cooking and washing up.

But tell me, what are you looking forward to doing when lockdown is over?

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