It is no secret that I am a tea obsessive.   I think the next time I cut myself it will be tea that comes out, not blood.   Getting a cup of tea is the first thing I think about in the morning and I can’t really think properly until I have had one.  I drink it by the bucket load, not from dainty cups (though I admit that tea in a cup does taste better).    A year ago, pretty much to the day I got my hands on something rather special:  a tea maker from Sage Appliances.  And since then it is probably the hardest working thing in this house.  Even more than the Hoover.   Or oven.

And so began my association with this little company.   I have clogged their time line constantly since then.  And I mean constantly.   They were the reason we went to the Coffee Festival in London last month and I fell in love with coffee (I have yet to blog about this but will be soon).   And the makers of my slow cooker.   And toaster.   And the stunning coffee machine we now have.  They can do no wrong.  Every gadget is made with as much thought as you would expect of something associated with Heston Blumenthal.

To promote the tea maker, this month Sage have launched #TalkTeaWithHeston and I am delighted to be involved.   The month marks the start of ‘Heston’s Tea Movement’ – a mission to educate Britain on how to enjoy the perfect tea experience.

There is a great video featuring Heston here:  do go and watch.

As I mention above my favourite cuppa is in a mug, not a cup, and bizarrely that mug needs to have a white interior.    Don’t ask me why but I don’t like the taste or look of tea when it is in a dark mug.   I have no idea why.   My favourite mug is a big bucket that has patterned flowers on the outside, but is white on the inside.  We have a cupboard heaving with mugs but I will always ignore the coloured ones.

Then it is tea first, made in a pot, or the tea maker ideally, and then milk poured in.   Not milk first.  Ever.

No sugar

Stirred.  Or as per this post I wrote a while ago about making the perfect cuppa.

And then a nice dunky biscuit.   Ideally a Bourbon but a Digestive will be just as good.  I like the sturdiness of a Bourbon, your dunk safe in the knowledge it won’t collapse and fall in your freshly poured tea.   Or you could even try a protein bar maybe, like the ones in the pick from Natural Balance Foods.  I know I know.   Not something that you would immediately associate with dunking in a cuppa but let me tell you it really works.   Especially the ginger bread one.   And since they are gluten/wheat/dairy/added sugar free you could even treat yourself to two.


But how about you?  How would you make Heston your perfect cuppa?  Do let @sageappliances know if you are on Twitter.  Don’t forget to use #TalkTeaWithHeston


PS you can win one of these tea makers over on Tara’s blog but you need to be quick as the closing date is just a couple of days away

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  • I could do with one of those tea makers and bet I’m too late!

    Your tea sounds so perfectly made and why anyone puts the milk in first is beyond me.

  • Can’t beat a cuppa to start the day and no one talks to me before I’ve had my first. For me, tea has to strong, served in a cup, (ideally with plain chocolate digestives to dunk) with a splash of milk & a hint of sugar.