Window Wednesday — Chichester

Window Wednesday Chichester

Can we just pretend it is Wednesday?  And not Thursday.   Or that some kind of technical glitch meant that this post, written and planned over the weekend, was published 24 hours late.   That it is going up, and into your inboxes on Thursday, has nothing to do with me sitting down at 5pm on Wednesday evening and exclaiming “bugger, it’s Wednesday isn’t it”.

Great, thanks.

So now that is out of the way, this week’s window is from Chichester Cathedral.

We actually planned to go to Brighton but Mr B was on autopilot and headed to the M3 before we thought “hang on this isnt the way to Brighton”.   A quick Google of “things to do when around here when you have mucked up the navigation” suggested Chichester might be a nice place to head.

If you haven’t been, you really should.   A lovely old market town, with a cathedral at the heart of it all.   With a really bustling high street featuring some great shops.   I really wish Fleet was more like it rather than full of charity shops and nail bars.   Chichester was fab.

The cathedral was begun in 1076 and finished in 1108.   St Richard of Chichester was buried in the Cathedral and was popular with pilgrims in the 1200s.   That is until Henry VIII ordered its destruction in 1538.   There is now a shrine and pilgrims still come and visit.

I am not at all religious but I do love the sense of peace and calm that churches and cathedrals offer.   They seem a world away from the hustle and bustle of the roads they often sit on.

Chichester Cathedral

Chichester cathedral was certainly no exception.

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