Broadening your horizons during lockdown (AD)

Millions of people all over the world are currently spending the vast majority of their time at home thanks to lockdown. While staying at home might not seem like the most attractive proposition on a sun-drenched spring day, it does present opportunities. Now is a perfect time to discover new interests and broaden your horizons. If you’re looking for constructive ways to spend your time at home, here are some ideas to inspire you. 


Taking virtual classes and courses

If you’re used to working long hours, and you find yourself with more time on your hands, it’s understandable to want to combine relaxation and rest with activities that stimulate the grey matter. If you’re not working full-time, have you thought about looking into online study or taking a virtual course or workshop? You can gain skills and qualifications linked to your job or explore areas of interest that have been cast aside as a result of a lack of time in recent years. Do you love photography, are you a history fan, or would you love to be able to manage your own taxes or hone your interior design skills? There are myriad websites and resources that are offering access to online courses, webinars and short programmes, and you can choose from a vast array of topics and subjects. The beauty of studying online is that it gives you flexibility and freedom. You can choose when to log on whenever you want and you can fit in periods of work or learning at times that suit you. 


Indulging interests and passions

Many of us use a lack of time as an excuse for getting into a routine that involves eating, sleeping and working. We don’t usually have a lot of free time to think about discovering new interests or picking up hobbies we used to love. With that in mind, why not use this period of time to explore subjects that intrigue or interest you or to rediscover passions that have fallen by the wayside? From astrology and psychic predictions to art, writing, music, meditation, yoga and cooking, there are all kinds of wonderful resources available online, and you can also devote time to reading and practical exercises. Have you always been interested in the stars? Do you wish you had more time to write? Are you keen to develop your culinary skills? Whatever your interests, taking up new hobbies is a brilliant way to broaden your horizons. 


Getting creative

Creative activities offer a raft of benefits for our health and wellbeing, as well as providing a fun activity to while away the hours. Activities like painting, for example, are proven to boost mental health and they offer a cathartic means of managing emotions and expressing feelings. At a time when many people are experiencing heightened anxiety, it’s beneficial to be able to use your time constructively and find ways to relax and unwind. Being creative will help you reduce stress, but it can also be really enjoyable. You don’t have to be a talented artist or an incredible writer to enjoy rolling out a blank canvas or curling up in a comfy spot with a notepad.


Lockdown may be a surreal, unnerving time, but there are positives to taking time out to study, develop new skills, indulge interests and get creative. 

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